Polizeiruf 110: Smoke on the Water”, Dominik Graf (Dir.)

Directors Cut at Hof International Film Festival 2014

Director: Dominik Graf
Script: Günter Schütter
Actors: Matthias Brandt, Ken Duken, Marek Harloff, Judith Bohle, Anja Schiffel, Markus Ertelt, Maximilian Laprell

Lola on the Pea – children`s film 2015

A film by Thomas Heinemann after the children’s book of the same name by Annette Mierswa

with Tabea Hanstein, Arturo Perea Bigwood, Christiane Paul, Antoine Monot, Jr., Tobias Oertel, Ferhat Keskin, Peter Fieseler, Berivan Kaya, Olaf Krätke, Beles Adam

sponsored by FilmFernsehFonds – Bayern (FFF), the FilmFörderAnstalt (FFA) the Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) and the Deutschen FimlFernsehFonds (DFFF)

Lola on the Pea


Together with her mother Loretta, Lola lives on a house boat called „The Pea.“  She has no friends other than the presumably crazy, old captain Solmsen.  Since her father vanished into thin air, she has become more of an outsider at her school.  She wants nothing to change until he comes back.  That’s why she’s still wearing those much-too-small sneakers from the time he vanished.  She doesn’t want to have her red hair cut, which she dyed previously, and the spot on her neck where her dad placed his last kiss, hasn’t been washed in a year.  But suddenly two events tear Lola out of her lonely dream world.  One: her mother has a new boyfriend.  His name is Kurt and he’s a vet.  Too bad he’s pretty nice, because an old dad cannot simply be exchanged and that’s why Lola does everything she can to get her mother and Kurt to split, which she almost accomplishes.

And then there is Rebin, the mysterious new student.  Rebin is a Kurd and lives illegally in Germany with his parents.  Mrs. Kuhbart [cow beard], the school’s headmaster, has on her own authority allowed Rebin to come to school.  In the beginning, Rebin is suspicious, but by and by the two outsiders become friends.  Rebin doesn’t have much free time: he has to deliver newspapers and helps his father clean Mr. Barkelt’s restaurant.  Barkelt is the president of the Friends of Water Sports Club and wants to build a brand-new cove right in the snazzy marina, where The Pea is anchored.

When Rebin’s mother suddenly falls ill and cannot visit a regular physician, Rebin can’t attend school any more and has to take over his mom’s job as well.  In order to help Rebin, Lola needs to ask her mom’s boy friend Kurt for help, even though she has just managed to get him out of the picture.  He’s only a vet, but still the only doctor Lola knows whom she trusts.  But Rebin’s fearful father, who catches them during a visit to the sick mother, does not accept any help and chases them out of the apartment.  The next day, Rebin and his family are gone.  The apartment appears to be deserted and Lola is convinced she done everything the wrong way.

Yet, sometimes the world is bigger than you would think.

FBW Prädikat „besonders wertvoll“ für diesen unglaublich schönen Kinderfilm!

Thomas Heinemanns Verfilmung der gleichnamigen Buchvorlage zeigt die Welt aus Sicht von Lola. Dabei spart der Film nicht an fantasievollen kleinen Einfällen, die den träumerischen Einfallsreichtum heranwachsender Kinder spielerisch wiedergeben. Lola selbst spricht immer wieder zwischendurch direkt mit dem Zuschauer, erklärt dabei nicht nur ihre Gedanken, sondern spricht auch einzelne Probleme und Konflikte an, die gerade im Bild zu sehen waren. So fühlen sich gerade die jüngsten Zuschauer an die Hand genommen und bekommen auch ganz aktuelle Themen vermittelt, wie etwa der Lebensalltag illegal in Deutschland lebender Immigranten oder die Probleme von Scheidungskindern. LOLA AUF DER ERBSE ist der beste Beweis für kreatives und liebevoll gemachtes deutsches Kinderkino, das seine jungen Zuschauer ernst nimmt und mit viel Spaß ganz ohne erhobenen Zeigefinger seine Geschichte erzählt. Unsere neue Heldin heißt Lola!F

Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden

“Almanya – Welcome” to Germany is a German film from the year 2011. The tragicomedy deals with the question of the homeland and identity of Turkish guest workers in Germany over several generations. The Kinodebüt of the sisters Yasemin and Nesrin Şamdereli was invited to the competition of the Berlinale 2011, where it ran out of competition. In the German cinemas, Almanya started on 10 March and was the fourth most successful German cinema film with around 1.5 million visitors. At the German Filmpreis 2011 the film received the award for the best screenplay and the prize in silver in the competition for the best film.

At the German Filmpreis 2011 the film received the award for the best screenplay and the prize in silver in the competition for the best film.


by Emre Akal and transit@stuttgart, Production: Wilfried Alt

“Ostwind”was awarded the theater prize “6tage frei” of the city of Stuttgart and the state of Baden-Württemberg and invited to various festivals.

MIT Berivan Kaya und Ismail Deniz Inszenierung Wilfried Alt Ausstattung Hudda Chukri Video Hudda Chukri / Eberhard Niethammer Produktionsleitung Natasa Atanackovic Produktionsassistenz Sergios Georgas Dramaturgie Boglárka Raiser