“Sag mal, dass wir nicht zu Hause sind”

Ballhaus – Naunynstrasse, Berlin

11.- 14. Dezember 2013

Regie: Bêrîvan Kaya

Author  (In collaboration with Berivan Kaya): Rashid Novaire
Stage/costumes: Peter Schultze
Music: Elyas Khan
Dramaturgy: Nora Haakh
with: Vernesa Berbo, İsmail Deniz, Ferhat Keskin


The content of the play:

“I am part of your family. If you want a final solution, you must first gas your own family.”

Actually, Aydın Bayad would have every reason to be happy. After all, a publisher, the unidentified newcomer, offered him the very last subsidy to write about his origins. His planned novel about the last scissors in Greenland has yet to wait. Aydın relies on the different threads that can be woven into the past of his family. He encounters unexpected tales between Berliner Altersheim, Kurdish Bergluft and yellowed family photos. It is true that his German grandmother personally got the mother cross from the leader for the many children she gave to the fatherland? And what would he actually say if he were opposed to his Kurdish grandmother who refused to breastfeed his father?

“I am thinking about how these family stories are moving away, and then I hope that they are going out into the open sea, I hope there is an orchestra under water that is able to read them so that the music, Which is then heard, is so strong and perhaps beautiful that it will be heard. ”

Aydın Bayad knocks on a door in the 1930s.

A history science ficton, which radically questions the German exclusivity of participation in collective memory. A long overdue present-day coping as a grotesque time journey full of absurd poetry.

(Ballhaus, Naunynstrasse)

A production of cultural leaps in the Ballhaus Naunynstrasse gemeinnützige GmbH, sponsored by the intercultural project promotion of the State of Berlin and the Maria Wimmer Foundation. Courtesy of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Dutch Literary Fund.

All Photos by: (c) Ute Langkafel, MAIFOTO





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